2 relaxing weekend getaways in The Netherlands: food, spa and nature

There is much more to see at The Netherlands than just the pretty canals of Amsterdam. I recently spent two very relaxing weekends at the beautiful country, which were both the perfect mix of nature, gastronomy, spa and picturesque villages.

Hampshire Boshotel Vlodrop, De Meinweg, Roermond

One of the two hotels I want to tell you about is the ‘Hampshire Boshotel Vlodrop’, which is located at the National Park ‘De Meinweg’. It is based at the most narrow part of the Netherlands, squeezed in between Belgium and Germany.

The day we arrived, we started the weekend with taking a walk in the beautiful nature. That was followed by a refreshing beer on the sunny terrace of the hotel. The food at the restaurant ‘De Meinweg’ really exceeded my expectations, I had a delicious fish tapas platter as an appetizer and tuna as a main dish. The breakfast the day after was adequate, I especially enjoyed the fact that we were surrounded by nature when eating it (the big windows provide a great view). The hotel also has a wellness area ‘Vita Allegra’. The sauna, the swimming pool, the baths: they are all to be enjoyed with a view on the green surroundings. We finished the weekend with a visit to ‘Roermond’. We enjoyed the café’s, the shops, nice buildings and places until the rain started pouring like crazy…

Check it out: https://www.boshotel.nl/nl/


Hotel Huis ten Wolde,Giethoorn and the Eese

Giethoorn is a picturesque village also called ‘the Venice of the Netherlands’. Since no cars are allowed, you discover the pretty place by boat, bike or foot. We went there one a very quiet day, so we had the boat and the canals all to ourselves. The pretty houses and norrow pathways formed a scene beautiful to watch.

The ‘Art and Wellness Hotel Huis ten Wolde’ provides delicious food, great spa facilities and different kinds of art to be admired in the hallways. The hotel offers a variety of ‘packages’, we chose 2 nights with a 3-course dinner and a massage.

The building is located right next to the natural area ‘de Eese’, which is suitable for a nice walk in nature.

Check it out: http://www.huistenwolde.nl/


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