Where to eat in Barcelona, Spain

I spent a long weekend in Barcelona with my boyfriend and it was P E R F E C T. I loved the sun, the pretty streets, nice buildings, the atmosphere, the sea and of course: the food! Below you can discover my three favourite places to eat.

Tapas Gaudi

How to get there: it is very close to the Sagrada Familia,  Av. de Gaudí 44. 

We had some delicious seafood paella here, accompanied with a good bottle of rosé wine. Both at a very reasonable price, bearing in mind that you are next to a famous tourist attraction. Sitting outside on th Av. de Gaudi was cosy because there are no cars and of course because you get a nice view on an architectural master piece. I also very much liked the plates!









Bilbao Berria

 How to get there: it is very close to La Rambla, Plaça Nova 3.

This is the place to be for pintxos. It is a busy hotspot and has kind of a ‘rushy’ atmosphere. We ate lunch here, because it didn’t look suitable for a sumptuous dinner. But the tapas were very tasty! I got a lot of inspiration to make my own pinxtos once.


How to get there: it is located a bit further from the center of the city, just take the metro and stop at ‘Tarragona’, Carrer de l’Elisi 13.

My absolute favourite! As an appetizer, we shared some hot and cold pinxtos. We both had a delicious fish dish after that and my boyfriend ordered a mouthwathering desert. The staff was very friendly and we spent a great night here. Only downside for me was that there is no space to sit outside, and inside the airco was turnt on and I had to wear a jacket because I was cold.



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