The Hague and Scheveningen, The Netherlands: perfect weekend getaway


Scheveningen is the beach place next to The Hague. Walking on the esplanade gives you a nice overview on the beach and the sea. You can wander on the pier and at the end there is a lighthouse that you can escalate. We watched the sunset with a cocktail in hand.


The Hague

I was very much suprised by this city. There are a lot of great sights, cosy paths alongside the canals and many awesome bars. I loved the view on ‘The Hofvijver’, which is a pond surrounded by pretty buildings.

Bilderberg Europa Hotel Scheveningen

 It was the first time I booked a hotel stay via Secret Escapes and I must stay it was a good experience. Everything went smoothly and when comparing the price to other sites, I discovered it really was the cheapest. Unfortunately we didn’t have a view on the water from our room, next time I’ll book the Ocean Suite. 🙂 I always tend to love a hotel when there is a capacious breakfast buffet full of good food, which, lucky for me, was the case.

Foodsharing at SALT

After reading great reviews, I had booked a table at the restaurant of the hotel: SALT. You get the option to have a small portion to taste, to have a normal one as a meal and to have a big one for sharing. We decided to have multiple small dishes so that we could taste everything. Yummy.

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