Howth, Ireland: climbing cliffs and devouring sea food

Howth is an Irish coastal village, only a 30 min train ride away from Dublin. It is the perfect daytrip to escape the busy city centre for a while. You just go to Tara Street Station, buy a € 6,15 return ticket and off you go.

A must-do when visiting, is hiking the cliff path. There are different routes indicated, but we just climbed the highest cliffs and enjoyed the views from there. Talking about taking a breath of fresh air!

After spending some time on the tops of the cliffs, we descended again and walked the pier, which provides a great view on both the cliffs and the harbour. At the end you find the lighthouse.

To top off the day we enjoyed some delicious food at Crabby Jo’s. The awesome smell lured us in and we weren’t dissapointed. I devoured every bite of my salmon with baby potatoes and my boyfriend had a mix of crab etc. and a plate of oysters. When the weather is good, you can also choose take away food, for example from Beshoff, and eat it sitting on the pier.





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