Hotel review: Expo Hotel Barcelona, Spain

When I was spending a long weekend in Barcelona with my boyfriend, we stayed at the Expo Hotel. On the site it reads: ‘Expo Hotel Barcelona is a 4 stars hotel with pool in Barcelona city center close to the Sants rail station.’ Sounds promising! We choose this hotel because it looked decent, but we didn’t have to spend a fortune. Read below my review after a 3-night stay.

The staff

People were friendly and always ready to help, whether it was concerning a question regarding the hotel, or for directions, tipc etc. A big plus!

The rooms

They were good, we even had a little terrace and the cleaning was impeccable. The bed was comfy and rather big, which I like! Only thing I missed was a mini bar. I don’t know why but the tap water in Barcelona was disgusting. So it was a pitty I couldn’t take a bottle of water in the room. On the last day however, there were two (free) bottles of water in our mini fridge. It was like they could read my mind ;).

The breakfast

We didn’t include the breakfast buffet in our reservation. Not because it didn’t look good, but because I wanted to discover other places in the city to eat. We only had breakfast at the hotel once, and we had it brought to our room.  It was ok, but I missed some things like milk and a spoon to have with my cereal. But I understand I couldn’t be too picky because it was room service and it wasn’t too expensive.

The rooftop bar

The bar was my favourite thing about the hotel. A great view, drinks at a reasonable price and yummy snacks and food: what more do you need?

The pool

The pool was small and a bit outdated, but nonetheless a very welcome refreshment. When I go on a citytrip, my main aim is not to swim or get a tan, but to go out and discover. The look and size of the pool was thus not that important to me. It was just nice to jump in the water after a hot day in the city, before going out again for dinner.


Looking back, we were treated well at the Expo Hotel and didn’t have any big complaints. So if you are looking for a good hotel at a reasonable price (and you don’t expect to bathe in luxury), look no further!

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