3 x food at Budapest, Hungary

Last Summer I spent two days in Budapest, my favourite low budget city trip. I and my three friends ate some great (cheap!) food there, so let me give you some tips.

Hungarian food at Budapesti

 This place is traditionally decorated but has very cosy, colourful lamps hanging over the tables outside which made it an attractive place to have dinner on our first night.

We shared two starters. One was eggplant cream: ‘thorougly roasted eggplant and tomatoes with ovenfresh homemade bread/toast’ (apologies for the blurry picture) The other one was something more special: ‘farm chicken stew made with chicken stuffed pancakes with sour cream and paprika sauce’. Pancakes and chicken seemed a strange combination, but it was actually very tasy. As a main dish I ate chicken topped with mozarella, parsley potatoes and an avocado salad with gorgonzola cheese.


Italian food at TG Italiano

This was our second day restaurant, which was modernly decorated and also had a nice selection of yummy drinks. We had the champaign mixed with fresh strawberries. I also ate pasta with salmon in a lemon sauce.


Icecream at Gelarto Rosa

Here they serve these very pretty ‘icecream flowers’.

  (Picture by brittvancamp.)

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